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What we do

Enable your Cloud Analytics Journey with our Integrate, Migrate & Adopt playbook and framework.

Kick start secure data democratization process and speed up time to insights with our Data Virtualization solutions.

From Data Engineering to Data Science, accelerate your Enterprise Data Strategy with our DXasaS Solutions.

Strategy, assessment & recommendation framework. Define, Design and Deploy Enterprise Cloud Platforms

Cloud Operations in shared & dedicated services models along with Fin-Ops for Continuous optimizations.

Tested templates, pre-configured accounts, Containers, Multi-cloud Deployment pipelines with visualizations.

Our Solutions

Data Artistry

Cloud Analytics journey is an Art!

Enterprise ready, cost-effective solutions to fast-track migration and adoption.

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Cloud Artistry

Enrich and Expedite your Cloud Journey with Cloud Artistry!

Battle tested, ready to deploy templates with Multi-cloud visualizations, Cost, Governance, and compliance recommendations. Cloud ready in days with Containers, Multi-cloud deployment pipelines, and pre-configured accounts

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How We Work

Three Simple Steps to our Working Process


Process excellence

Templates and playbooks combined software engineering to bring the best for cloud and Analytics adoption and optimization. These are augmented by experienced CloudEQS engineers.


Cost Efficiency

Enable higher cloud automation and Fin-Ops. Our solutions bring-in the transparency and create insights for improving cost efficiencies.


Innovative Delivery

Digital era needs new delivery models combined with playbooks, solutions and leveraged resources, breaking away from traditional T&M and managed services models.

About Us

Who we are

We’re a team of passionate professionals who combines software Engineering with Emotional Quotient (EQ) to Cloud Automation, Migration & Continuous Compliance to your Cloud and Data journey. A successful Cloud & Analytics adoption requires more than just technology. It helps having a strategic partner every step of the way, empowering you with the education, resources, and support required by enterprises, to grow business.

Our Partnerships

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