Matillion ETL/ELT

What is ETL? 

  1. ETL stands for “extract, transform, and load.”  
  1. This tool plays a key role in gathering data from multiple data sources and consolidating it into a centralized location.  
  1. In layman words, an ETL tool collects and transforms different types of data from different sources and loads this data into data warehouse like Snowflake, Redshift, Bigquery, Azure or on -prem RDBMS databases. 
    Challenges Associated with Traditional ETL tools: 
  1. The majority of the traditional ETL tools require a huge hardware setup and fail to integrate with modern infrastructure.
  2. Traditional ETL tools are limited to process relational data.
  3. It is difficult to process unstructured and semi-structured data. Processing these types of data sets would result in integration issues or data loss.
  4. Requires a lot of manual efforts to create and manage the data pipeline. 
  5. They don’t generate schema propagation and data replication. 
  6. These tools do not possess the ability to scale easily. It slows down data processing and analytical cycles. 
  7. It is a very difficult task to gain a comprehensive view of real-time data. 
  8. Managing traditional tools associated with high expenditure like licensing, maintenance, etc 
    What is Matillion? 
  1. Matillion is a powerful and modern cloud ELT tool specifically built for cloud data warehouse platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Azure Synapse.  
  1. This tool easily pushes down data transformations to data warehouse and has the capability to process millions of rows in seconds and provides real-time feedback 
  1. Matillion is a browser-based UI and offers powerful ETL/ELT functionality. It comes with advanced features like version control, collaboration, graphical job development, and offers many components to perform data read, write and transform functions.  
  1. Matillion supports a wide range of data connectors to gather data from multiple sources and streamlines the process to load that data into a cloud data warehouse or data lake 
    Matillion Features 
  1. Easy to use drag and drop browser interface 
  1. Live feedback, data preview, validation 
  1. Push-down ETL technology combines warehouse tool to perform complex joins 
  1. Support a wide range of collaborations 
  1. Wide range of admin menus to simplify administration 
  1. Easy User interface and help you execute jobs in minutes 
  1. Offers many popular connectors to connect and source data from 
  1. Offers enterprise-wide features like Data Lineage, and Documentation 
    Cloud Data Warehouse Platforms supported by Matillion 
    At present Matillion supports five different cloud data warehouse platforms which include Google, BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Synapse, and Delta Lake.  

Written By: Ravi Pandey

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